Why Have Spring Break?

I mean, it's a waste of our time. We just got back into the swing of things from winter break and now you want to take a week off for no reason? Just WEEKS before the state assessments???


We all know that spring break is desperately needed this time of year. You are tired. The kids are tired. And the stupid assessments are lingering on the horizon and just won't go away despite your desperate attempts to wish them to. Oh yeah, AND you got 2 new students into your class this week.

For those of you who get away during this time, please enjoy it and take some awesome photos for me. You guys are my hero. I truly wish that I had the energy to go off on a grand adventure.

As for me, I always have a stay-cation. As much fun as travel is, it also wears this little introvert out. By staying at home over spring break, I am able to rest and recharge more thoroughly. This gives me the last push I need to finish out the year and make it to summer.

How do you spend your spring break?

Leave a comment or picture below so that we can all share in our spring break time together!

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