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If you have paid attention to my blog posts both here and at the Middle School Mob, you will notice there tends to be a recurring theme...

I truly want my students to feel equal.

In the world of special ed, many of my students know they are different from their peers but they don't always know why.  They are the oddballs, the outsiders, the loud ones, the quiet ones, etc. They are always struggling to fit in and I never want to add to the differences not only between them and the general ed peers, but also between themselves.

Because of this, I never ask the students what they got for Christmas. I made that mistake only once-my first year of teaching. I let each student tell me what their favorite gift was. Susie got a new phone. Johnny got to go skiing. Mary got a new xbox. And then there was Julie. She was one of the quietest, most demure students ever. Absolutely precious. But when she spoke, my. heart. sank.

"I got a new pair of shoes and a jacket."

This pure, sweet little 6th grader was not embarrassed or shy, just thankful. But I could see the look of shock on other students' faces. How could THAT be the best gift she got???

That day, I made a promise to always focus on experiences and not things. So I ask instead, "What was the best thing that happened over the break?"

Just by barely changing the words, my students are once again on equal ground that socio-economic status cannot touch (for the most part). This will be my plan for the first day back on January 4th.

All of us from the Middle School Mob are hosting a New Year linky and giveaway. Be sure to link up below letting us know what YOU do with your students on the first day back.

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