New Year, New Edison

So if you have been following any of my social media lately, you will notice some changes happening. Well, here at the Edison Education blog, we had the BIGGEST change of all...

A new blog design!!!

What do you think? I am very much in love with how streamlined it looks but with my fun colors. I am thankful to Megan Favre over at I Teach What's Your Superpower for discovering these awesome blogger templates by Georgia Lou Studios. The templates come with instructions that made it very easy to install and modify the entire thing. I practiced and fully implemented in less than 2 days. Isn't that amazing?!

*Sidenote- be sure to check out Georgia Lou Studios blogger templates if want a cheap and somewhat easy facelift. Her prices can't be beat if you are willing to brave some DIY.*

This spring, I am knocking down my grad school classes to just 1 at a time. Going from 2 classes to 1 will (hopefully) open up some more free time. Between teaching full-time and taking a grand total of 9 classes in 2015, I need a little bit of a break in 2016. I am plum. wore. out.

With this newfound free time, one of my biggest goals is to blog on a more consistent basis. This past summer, I put many hours, blood, sweat, and tears into my old blog design but it never quite felt like... *me*. I was just emulating what was popular amongst the "teacher blogs." My thinking was that if I had a blog that I felt truly reflected my personal tastes, then I would be more inclined to blog. Right?

I believe I have found that balance. I am preparing to get my schedule done soon so that I am writing to you guys on a weekly basis. This is my goal for 2016, and I plan on sticking to it!

What are your goals for 2016?

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