Together is Better: Special Ed and General Ed

I am joining up with A View into My Classroom this week for a #SpedChatSaturday. This week's topic is about collaboration between General Ed teachers and Special Ed teachers.

I have an interesting view on this topic since I typically see most of my special ed kiddos. I have 3 class periods of resource math where my students received their math instruction in my classroom. For these students, I AM their math teacher. My other 3 class periods are co-teach math. This is where I generally see the rest of the students who are weaker in math. Any special ed student who does not see me throughout the day generally does not need math help, so I don't usually collaborate about these students.

With all of this being said, my collaboration generally revolves around my co-teach students. Co-teach poses problems unlike other areas. One problem is lack of time to collaborate. My conference period does not fall in line with any of my co-teachers. Secondly, when we have a PLC, I PLC with the special ed department so that leaves me with little time to plan with my co-teachers.

One way around this (thankfully) is that all lesson plans in our district have to be submitted online through Eduphoria.

Eduphoria allows users to share their lesson plans. Here is an example. The first one is obviously my lesson plans. The next one is one of my co-teachers. I can click on her lesson plans any time through the school year to see what she has planned for the week. This allows me to keep up with what is going on in the classroom without struggling to find planning time.

If you are in need of ideas for collaboration, think about sharing lesson plans as one of the tools you can use to strengthen this.

How do you collaborate at your school?

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  1. Wow Mylie, As much as I hate submitting lesson plans and I'm really happy that I don't have to, Eduphoria sounds like it would be REALLY helpful to keep connected with the Gen Ed classroom! For some of my students that are mainstreamed most of the day, I am constantly sneaking a peek at their homework folders, or the weekly newsletter to stay updated about what's going on in their Gen Ed class. It is so hard to stay connected! We, teachers are so busy and rarely have time to connect!

  2. I agree with Heather. I think that's a great idea that the lesson plans are available online. That's such a great idea! But I am sure you heard lots of moaning and groaning when that became required. But it would make my life SO much easier to be able to pop on and see exactly what my kiddos are doing in mainstream so I can front load vocabulary.

  3. May I ask who designed your blog? I love the format and look!

    1. Kelly, I actually designed it myself. I spent the first few weeks in June spending long hours researching and creating it myself. It was a lot of time, but oh so worth it to not have to pay $100+ for a design I liked.


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