Down & Dirty Secondary: Writing Across the Curriculum

Welcome to another installment of Down & Dirty Secondary!

This month, we are discussing the need for writing across all academic areas at the secondary level.

There seems to be a big debate about writing, especially in my area...math. We math teachers tend to think we are different than everybody else and we do not have to write. We deal with numbers. That's it. Leave us alone with all of your writing mumbo jumbo.

I have to admit, I am also guilty about not doing much writing in my math classes *ducks head* However, I am determine to change that this school year. Here is why:
#1- Despite the fact that I would love for math to be just about numbers, our students are being required to read more and more difficult text within math. I know, crazy, right?! This means I need to gear up for my students to increase their understanding of math world problems that look similar to this:
Which leads into #2- If a student can write about math, then they can definitely read about math. By getting to the stage of writing, students have to fully grasp the situation so that they can explain it. Bloom's taxonomy, anyone??? This will require a higher level of thinking than is typical required in math classes. This is where I want my students to be by the end of this school year.

My goal is for my students to write about math, but not necessarily always about how to solve word problems. This would be very soul-sucking and I would feel very sorry for my students if that is the only way we wrote. I want to include writing about how math could be used in various jobs, or how math would be used in their dream job. This will heighten their interest in writing as well as broaden their minds to how math is used in everyday life. Combine this with writing about how to solve math problems, and I think that my students will have a well-rounded understanding of the math curriculum.
If you have any tips, suggestions, or a different insight into writing in any academic area, please leave a comment below or join up with the linky. I would love to have insight from others on this issue as we head into a new school year!

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