TpT Challenge: Week 2

I am still fairly new on my TpT journey (6 months). There are many days that I feel overwhelmed and wondering if this is all worth it. I am not currently averaging much money each month (grad school takes up most of my free time), but the dream of what could be is what drives me every day. As a part of the TpT Sellers Challenge, this week, we are putting those dreams and goals all of us have into our own words.

1. I was not one of the lucky few who was able to go through school without student loans. Between undergrad and grad school, I have pretty hefty student loans. My husband and I are currently working on paying them all off. Our goal is to have them paid off in 2-3 years. We hope they are all gone by the time we are ready to have kids!

2. After we pay off my student loans, we would like to save up a down payment on a house. This one is a very lofty dream because it feels so far away. Regardless, it is there.

3. I was in college before I saw anything outside of the Texas/Oklahoma borders. We usually traveled within the state on family vacations growing up. However, Texas is big enough that travel in-state is still a major feat! It would take us 10 hours one-way to visit my husband's family when we lived in West Texas...and they live in Texas too! One of our dreams is to travel and see other countries and major landmarks within the USA. My dream is that TpT will help supplement some of these travel expenses.

If you are interested in the debts, visit Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Teach Create Motivate, Third in Hollywood, and Sparkling in Second.

What would you do with extra money?

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  1. Hi Mylie! Love that name by the way!
    I understand your need for paying off those loans. What a pain they are. But you're right they need to be taken care of. Have you checked into the Loan Forgiveness plans? Depending on what and where you teach, you can get some of them wiped away. My son and his wife are both teachers and the loans his wife has are a main part of their budget. They continue to whittle away at them.. . .little by little.
    Getting that first house is so fun and what a great time for you to dream about it. I hope that dream comes true real soon.
    My daughter lives in Houston, I'm in Michigan. We have visited there several times and done a bit of traveling. It is a HUGE state. They are staying with us this summer (they too are both teachers) and while our temps are similar to yours, we can keep our windows open more often!
    I enjoyed reading about your dreams!
    Second In Line

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  2. Your money is well earned. I'm hopeful you can fulfill all those dreams. May your TpT business increase and flourish. Best wishes.


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