TpT Challenge: Week 1

This week, some amazing TpT peeps are presenting us with a challenge to makeover one of our products. I have only been a part of TpT for 6 months, but I can already tell how my tastes have shifted based on what I see within TpT. Since I do not have many products yet, it was very easy to decide which one I wanted to update. My cover pages need some serious work!

I present, my TpT Challenge Week 1 results:

See?! Doesn't that look SOOO much better!

If you are interested in seeing more makeovers, head on over to the linky at one of the following places:


  1. Hello fellow Texan! ;-) Your makeover looks great! I am changing all my covers to square and adding some previews, is a beating but SO worth it!!!

  2. Awesome idea with the cover and adding examples!


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