10 Things '14-'15 Edition

Now that the school year is slowly coming to a close (3 more weeks for us!), I decided to share some of my favorite/ridiculous moments from this school year. 

10. Me:"Poking yourself in the eye with a marker does not constitute as work."

9. Me:"Why are you on the ground?"

8. Me:"If you want to throw the calculator, that's fine, but you will pick it up before you leave."

7. Me:"How did the lead fall into your eye?"

6. Student:"I was just picking it up!" Me:"Picking up a water bottle from a seated position does not explain why it was 3 feet above your head."

5. Me:"Get to work." Student:"I can't! It's too hard!" Me:"You are just coloring!"

4. Me:"What is your Plan B in case playing for the NFL doesn't work out?"

3. Me:"Who pulled the calendar off my wall?!"

2. Me:"Like, seriously, why are you always on the ground?"

1. Student A:"What's that in your pocket?" Student B pulls out a large bottle of Tarantino hot sauce from his pocket. Me:"Why do you have a jar of hot sauce in your pocket?" Student B:"Because you never know when someone is going to have a fiesta!"

What are some fun or ridiculous things moments that you have said this school year that you never thought you would have? Leave a comment below with your tale!

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