One-Step Equations Scavenger Hunt

Since beginning to build digital downloads for Teachers Pay Teachers, I have been building the product, downloading it to TpT,  and then using it within the next few weeks within my classroom. 

Don't. Do. That.

Once my students completed the One-Step Equations scavenger hunt themselves, I found many technical errors that needed to be fixed. I consequently had to remove the listing and start over later once I had time to remedy the errors.

However, despite technical errors, I was very proud of my students. Below, I have posted some photos of my students completing the One-Step Equations scavenger hunt. Be sure to note the active engagement and peer cooperation at play!!

Checking answers with peers!

Working to solve the problem.

 Check out this stance! Only the coolest of kids work doing the splits.

Below is my only boy in this class. Poor thing. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you ever want to see something specific!

Mylie James

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