Scavenger Hunts!

For my first blog post here at Edison Education, I am showing you my Scavenger Hunts. This is hands-down one of my favorite tools for my classroom! I once had a principal tell me that if students are engaged, then they should go home at the end of the day more tired than the teachers. And I completely agree!

Once of the beauties of  Scavenger Hunts is that the students get to self-check instead of relying upon the teacher for answers. It also allows you to spread them out while working with peers. 

Here is a view of the scavenger hunts in my own classroom:

The sheets are spread out (not in order) so that the students are required to move to various locations throughout the room.

If you are interested in my scavenger hunt, you can purchase them at my Teachers Pay Teachers site. 

If you have used something similar in your classroom, how do you like it? What challenges have you faced?

Have some fantastic teaching!
-Mylie James

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